Work History Hell

I have been working since I was 16 years old. My sister had already been working for 2 years since she is older than I am, and I saw all of the things she was able to do with her own paycheck, not having to rely on our mom to but her things and giving mom the relief that she didn’t have to spend so much money as a single mom. At 16, I was thankful to have an older sister because she got me hired at the same job she was at; in the kitchen of the nursing home in our small town. I stayed at that job until I graduated high school, though in the summers, I only worked weekends as I was in a college prep program where we stayed in college dorms for the summer. During the school year, I worked after school most days and on weekends. By the time I turned 18, though I didn’t have any money saved because I am a spender and not so much a saver, I had the income to get a small loan for my first car, with my mom’s help cosigning for me.

When I graduated, I got a job offer to be a nanny for 3 little kids, something I was so excited about because I loved kids. Sadly, the job didn’t last because I was made to also go to college which is when I did night classes. The mix of late night classes and early morning work was not in anyone’s best interest as it made me too tired to take care of the kids properly and then had to rush to class where my homework would not be done. I flunked my semester and lost my nanny job. After that is when I started my fated journey in fast food and worked at Burger King. When I started my second semester in college, my hours got cut dramatically at work and I couldn’t afford my bills on the few hours I had. I ended up going back to the nursing home I started at for a little while, until I was bullied out by a couple of mean girls and the boss did nothing about it, despite me bringing it to her attention numerous times.

My next adventure, after leaving the nursing home with no notice, was McDonald’s. Getting hired on the spot was a proud moment for me and I was excited to start, though I only thought of this job as a stepping stone to something better. After a few months of working there, the owners wanted to promote me to a shift manager, which I turned down the first few times that they asked because I hadn’t learned all of the positions yet. When I finally got trained in the last position and they offered me the management spot again, I gladly accepted and became a shift manager after about 5 months of being at the job. After a little over a year on the job, McDonald’s created a new management structure, adding department managers for 3 different departments. I was one of the first 3 department managers at my store, running the Customer Service department, handling anything to do with customer service. I eventually got to run the Kitchen department, making truck orders, handling inventory and making sure the kitchen ran smoothly, then I moved on to the People department where I ran staff meetings, made the schedules and took care of anything that had to do with our employees.

After about 4 years of working at this job where I was being promised the world and given a marble, I decided to move on and got a job at one of the local colleges, working in food service to feed the students. Due to an injury I had gotten while leaving work one night, I was unable to keep the job as the doctor tried to put in a worker’s comp claim that I didn’t want to put in. With this job, I had ended up getting my very first apartment where I had 2 cats and my very first dog outside of my mom’s house. When I lost the job, I lost the apartment, making me have to rehome all of my animals. I went back to McDonald’s tail between my legs, trying to make up for the income that I had lost and broken hearted from having to give up my animals. Luckily, I got to be a manager still, so I was making more than just a crew member, but I still wasn’t making as much as the college had offered. Trying to get more income so I could afford an apartment again, I took on a second job in a little store in the mall behind the McDonald’s that I had worked at. I was hired as a keyholder, so I also made more there than just a staff member. Unfortunately, it got to the point where the two jobs decided to stop working around each other and I had to let one go. I stayed at McDonald’s because I made more and they offered more hours.

Eventually, I ventured out again, looking for something else and got a second job at Applebee’s as a hostess. After all the training and learning I had gone through to try to be a server, they kept me as a hostess and I chose to leave both there and McDonald’s when I got hired at the little motel in the same area. I was a housekeeper and loved the job, even learning the laundry position to fill in on the days our normal laundry person was off. After being there for a while, McDonald’s had called me, asking me to come back there as well, so I gave them a schedule I could work and took on both jobs. Though at this point, I was living with a friend, I still got mail at my mom’s house and one thing that came was a little information post card about a apprenticeship at another local college in the food service program. It was good money and it guaranteed a full time job with the college when the apprenticeship was over. Here I was, 3 jobs, a large amount of income, grocery shopping at 2am and in my party stage where, when I didn’t have to work late, I supplied my household with A LOT of alcohol and we all partied, HARD.

During this party stage, I became pregnant with my daughter and at that point, I decided I needed to slow down. The first job I let go was with the college because my current assignment was up and they didn’t have another one for me, so I cut my losses and stayed with the 2 other jobs. I also knew then that I couldn’t stay living in the household I was living with, so I moved in with my sister and grandfather along with my boyfriend/baby daddy. Though the living situation was better, I was travelling 45 minutes to an hour to work and I knew I couldn’t handle that. I left McDonald’s first, staying as a housekeeper because I really liked the job; when I told my boss that I was pregnant though, she told me I was ruining my life, so I chose to get a job closer to where I was living. When I was about 5 months along, my doctor took me out of work because I was having some issues with the pregnancy. At about 6 months along, my uncle, who was in charge of the household I was living in, told us that I could stay because I helped with the day to day things around the house and because I was having a baby, but my baby daddy couldn’t stay. We found him a place to stay and at about 7 months along, I found out he had been cheating on me so I we didn’t stay together.

When I was about 8 months along, I did try to go back to work as a server at a local restaurant but being on my feet so much caused more issues with my pregnancy, so I was put mostly on bed rest. When it was time for my daughter to be born, her father wasn’t around and hasn’t been for her life to this point, which I am completely happy with. When she was old enough to go to daycare, I got a job with Dunkin Donuts as an assistant manager. I loved the job and planned on staying there for a long time but the other assistant manager at the first store I was at framed me for stealing and I lost my job. I tried working at Arby’s after that because I was hired as a shift manager there, but after about a month, I knew that wasn’t right for me, especially since they were infested with cockroaches. I chose to leave there, and when I got my taxes back, my daughter and I moved to Texas. I got a job as a department manager at a McDonald’s in Texas and also drove for Lyft to make a little extra cash.

We lasted about 9 months in Texas because it was too far away from my family. Though I had friends there, it wasn’t the same and I needed to move back home. Moving back in with my sister, I got a job at a local warehouse through a temp agency. After going through some medical issues, they decided not to have me come back. I then was hired at a local gas station as an assistant manager and was there for a few months, until the store manager decided to constantly bully me. When the area manager wouldn’t even try to move me to a different store, I chose to leave and not go back. At the time, I had chosen to give my ex another chance and we ended up getting married, which ended as quickly as it happened due to him cheating on me again. While we were still together though, I went through 3 jobs and tried to go back to college. When our marriage ended, I was going through a lot with my mental health. I tried to end my life and spent the next year out of work, just living with my sister again, raising my daughter and helping a lot around the house to make up for the fact that I couldn’t pay for anything on my own at the time.

After the year was up, I decided to apply to be a cab driver with a local company and, after a few weeks, became a dispatcher for them instead. The dispatch hours were overnight hours, but it paid well and I enjoyed being in an office instead of driving around all day. I also got to take my daughter to the office with me, which saved me money for daycare. After a few weeks there, I was kicked out of my sister’s house and was living in a motel. I was getting housing assistance to be able to stay in the motel until I could find a place of my own; 10 days later, I was signing the lease to my new apartment. A few months after that, Covid hit and we moved to working from home, which was even better for me because I didn’t have to find a way to and from the office then. Summer of 2020 and my hours were cut because they decided to outsource the dispatching. I was doing ok with my cut hours, but I still needed to find something different.

That November, I got a job at a local assisted living home, and though Covid was hitting hard, it seemed pretty safe, until a week later when I ended up with Covid and pneumonia. I was out of work for 3 weeks due to the illness, but luckily I was still getting paid. I went back for a week and decided I didn’t want to chance it again, plus they gave me an ultimatum; I don’t handle ultimatums well. At this point, I got a job with another temp agency, working for a call center and scheduling people in Florida for Covid vaccines. When I realized how unsteady that was and knowing it could end at any time, I started applying for other jobs. I hadn’t heard back from anything for a while so I just accepted I was stuck with the call center job until it ended or until someone decided to hire me. Finally, I got a message from a recruiter at my current job, which is as a customer service representative for the #1 national lawn care company, TruGreen. This job has been my favorite job thus far and I see myself staying with it for a long time. The management is great and they work with you on hours if you need to take time off for an appointment or being sick.

So, my resume has had a lot of updates and I have omitted some of my experience to not be seen so much as a “job jumper” since most employers frown upon that. It’s not that I hadn’t liked the jobs I had previously, but management made a big impact and not knowing what I want to do with my life has opened me up to all of these opportunities that have showed me what I know I don’t want to do now. Now I have the freedom to learn what I want, when I want and enjoy the job I currently have.

Thank you for reading. As always, tips are not required, but they are deeply appreciated. Also, feel free to share any of my work on social media and I will do the same with you to help with read count.

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I am a writer, single mom, cat mom and a million other things.

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Crissy Lynn

Crissy Lynn

I am a writer, single mom, cat mom and a million other things.

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